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Birds that live with humans, in an aviary for example, can usually use some extra vitamins to stay beautiful and healthy. They need sufficient resistance in winter to be in top condition for the breeding season in spring. Regular addition of vitamin A and D3 can give the birds an extra boost.

Wisbroek VitaPro A-D3-E-C is a liquid vitamin combination of vitamins A, D3, E and C. Each vitamin has its own benefits. Vitamin A contributes to good vision, a healthy immune system and good cell formation. For recessive birds, this is a good supplement. Vitamin D3 promotes the development of the skeleton by stimulating the calcium absorption in the bones. Birds that receive little natural sunlight can often use this vitamin as a supplement. Vitamins C and E are anti-oxidants. They contribute to the protection of the body cells.

Add 1 to 2 ml of Wisbroek VitaPro A-D3-E-C to 1 litre of drinking water.

Important: Never give it in pure form to your bird.



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50 ml, 200 ml


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